Permission was given by the Ministry of Agriculture to bring in GMO corn to plant as a trial. This move is in contradiction to government policy enacted in 2009 which placed a 5 year moratorium on planting gmos. That policy followed almost three years of discussion and public consultation throughout the country.
All agriculture imports are required to receive an import permit from BAHA. This trial was permitted by the Ministry of Agriculture without a BAHA permit. A BAHA permit would have required a risk analysis prior to importation. Why was this not done?

GMO’s have a protein made from bacteria that resists chemical insecticides and herbicides. The bacteria is spliced into the dna of the plant and the effects are cancerous. Then the plant spread the genes to non gmo plants via wind, bees and other ways of pollination. Once the non gmo plant is infected the genes are forever changed and will always be dependent on the company that makes them. GMO’s are proven to be poisonous in many ways. We save heirloom seeds be cause they have been selectivly hybrid for generations by hard working people in the garden. These seeds have natural ability to resist bugs and weeds because they have naturally evolved with them. GMO’s will wipe out generations of evolution and make the world dependent on one Company, Monsanto. what do you think will happen next–real life doomsday.”


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